God’s wife the Asherah worshipped before Josiah became King

Although I don’t always agree with Dan McClellan the biblical scholar I mostly do. He seems to tackle harder more controversial issues than Mackie ever will and even sometimes than Enns. Was wondering if anyone has studied this and had any thoughts. I was not able to read the paper. Maybe down the road I’ll search it out. I linked it primarily so someone can see which paper Dan was referencing in his video ( which I’m not linking ) where he cited things one of the best papers on this subject.

His claim was that scholarship in general agrees that prior to Josiah as king and predating the deuteronomist Editing there was nothing negative about the goddess and that archeology shows she was worshipped allowing with Yahweh.

Which also seems to go with the stuff I’ve heard that overtime two different gods, El and Yahweh , were merged into one God .