God revealing scientific truths

In his book ‘The lost world of Genesis one’, John Walton writes “Through the entire Bible, there is not a single instance in which God revealed to Israel a science beyond their own culture”.

Do you know any counterarguments to this claim?

I personally agree with John Walton’s statement. When we look at the Bible (as best we can) through the eyes of the first readers we see that God accommodates his message to the understanding of the people at the time. He isn’t trying to reveal science to them, he is trying to reveal himself, his will, and his plan.

Googling ‘lost message genesis “John Walton” AND counter-arguments’ will likely get you a few hits.

Otherwise, if you are looking for more general counter arguments to this claim the Christian Reason Institute, Answers in Genesis, etc will have plenty of counter arguments from an Young Earth perspective.

Additionally, Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe will likely have counter-arguments from an Old Earth perspective.

Though one should always check the facts to see if the arguments being proposed marry up accurately to the evidence before us. Which is perhaps a better place to start with Walton, rather than looking for counter arguments why not first examine the evidnece for his claim? Can you think of an example from the Bible where God explicitly revealed to Israel a science beyond their own culture?


I do not remember any counterarguments from the biblical scriptures. That was why I asked.

If there are no counterarguments, that tells interesting points about the way how God communicates.

First, God seems to follow the rules of good presentation skills. Elements in a speech compete for the attention of the audience. If you have something very important to tell, do not add information that would draw the attention of the audience away from the main message.

Second, God does not seem to think that our false beliefs of the universe are very important. What matters is the relationship with God. If someone makes a statue and claims that this is an influential god, God may send a messenger to tell that it is not true. If someone believes that the Earth is flat, that is not important. God does not start his message to flatearthers by telling that the world is not flat.


Some would even argue that this extends beyond just science but also morality and social code.
Some have claimed that the morality in bible, in particular in relation to slavery, evolved to become more and more towards what we would consider righteous today and that the message evolved with it. Which would back your argument.
I un fortunately can’t remember who was talking about that. It was in one of the language of god podcast.

Only non-scientific ones.

It’s called a redemptive movement hermeneutic or sometimes trajectory hermeneutics if anyone wants to google it.


Sure, and I do think there is development around issues like slavery and polygamy, etc. Of course, where the rubber hits the road with an evolving biblical morality is what happens now the canon is closed.


I think God’s expectation is that we use the brain He gave us.

Never said he didn’t. Yet it seems to me that the use of one’s brain could lead morality in any and all directions, none of which can assure God’s approval or blessing. Neither does standing still of course, which is exactly my point.


We carry on evolving.

Some evolution results in deconstruction that does not get propagated.

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