God, photons and the cause of the Universe

I recently came across some people who tried to show that God is not the cause of our Universe. I found one of their arguments very interesting:

“Christians try to avoid regress of God by saying “God does not need a cause because He is outside of time.” This is a glib non-answer. If all that is required to get around the first cause argument is an entity that exists outside of time, then all we need to do is postulate a single particle that exists outside of time and triggered the Big Bang. It need not have any additional powers. Besides, this particle might even exist, depending on how you define “outside of time.” Photons (light particles) do not experience time, since they move at the speed of light. Therefore, according to this argument, light can pop into existence without cause.
Theists will object that this particle should have a cause. But they have already refuted this argument by granting that there exists an uncaused cause in the first place. If God can exist without a cause, why not a particle? Why not the universe? It may be the universe is the necessarily existent being and it is impossible for it to be in any other state”

This is not a bad argument at all, but it definitely fails if you take a look at Genesis 1:3, where God creates light before other things. If God created light ex nihilo, I think photons could be the cause of the Universe without taking their Creator out of the equation.

What do you say? Could photons be the cause of our Universe?

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I think the use of the term “photons” makes for an awkward delivery. If you look at the subordinate components of protons and neutrons, you learn that Quarks are held together by another “entity” called “Gluons”… and that amazingly enough, when you add up the combined mass of Quarks and Gluons… they are still a tiny proportion of the mass of a Proton!

So where does the bulk of the mass for a proton come from? From the green blobs shown below… they are energy field fluctuations that appear and disappear in the vacuum of space… And the net weight of the “blobbish” energy (as depicted in the animation) is where the majority of mass comes from! … not just for protons… but for everything !!! Protons and Neutrons!

Go to just before minute 1:00 of the video and have a gander! What is really shocking is that out of these blobs of energy … they can harvest new quarks and gluons that appear from out of nothingness…



So… one might imagine that the entire Universe, when a small point, could have been created by the appearance of energy and mass from out of nothingness.

But the real question is not mass appearing from out of nothing … the question is - - is there awareness in the Universe or not???

This is a faith question, in my view. I am quite certain there IS awareness out there somewhere… Why? Because I am aware… and that is sufficient.

If I wasn’t aware, and nobody else was either… then, obviously, there is no God.


Excellent response.

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