God Nudging in Evolution

Just watched this great TED talk called The history of our world in 18 minutes by David Christian. He doesn’t mention divine creation anywhere but isn’t all truth said to be God’s truth? So as science is able to peer back to how the earth, life and ourselves were created … shouldn’t Christians embrace the greater detail it can shine on God’s creation? Science reveals much more detail than any ancient writing could possible hope to convey; but why should the greater detail be resisted as being in competition with the Bible?

As this Big History shows something surprising has happened in our universe where the 2nd law of thermodynamics would seem to dictate that complexity/order is lot not gained but always lost. From chaos order has appeared, distilling the various forms of energy and then elements and then more elements and finally -where the conditions are just right- life in ever more complex and intelligent forms.

I think the Bible puts great store in The Word and that shows up in this story too where humans, by way of language, learn to accumulate information that can endure beyond a single lifespan. Whatever it was that ordained that complexity should build over time in the face of entropy and in that complexity elements, chemistry, life, language and the rest should find an enduring foothold at least in Goldilocks conditions such as our planet enjoys.

So the Bible did not reveal God’s plan in the detail which science is able to reveal. For that matter how much detail does the Bible provide regarding God? Seemingly God must refer to that which has allowed what has unfolded here on earth. Given how incredible that is, why should we imagine any nudging would be needed? Why imagine there is any separation at all between the process and the intention? What has transpired here is nothing short of miraculous, why look for magic on top of that? I think people tend to anthropomorphize who God is too much. Creative people might be nervous fiddlers with their creations but why assume that that which has made us possible should be like that?

Yes, we are all sick, because we do not want to take responsibility for our lives. We are not called to be well. We are called to trust God and to love God, ourselves, and others. God is not responsible for me. I am responsible for myself, for how I use the gifts God gives me. I have to realize for myself that I am not worthy of God’s love and when I know that I am free to love God and so what is right. No one determines my life, not even God, except me.

You need to learn what it is to be free in Christ.

How does our irresponsibility make us sick? You are calling, commanding us to be well. Not God. Trust God to do what? Love God how? Love ourselves how? Love others how? God is ultimately responsible for everything. How are you responsible for yourself? How are you using what gifts that God has given you how? You have to realize for yourself that you are worthy of God’s love and when are you free - how? - to love - how? - God and what is right how?

Teach me oh master. Show me.

Jesus is the Master, not me. He will shar you if you are willing to see and hear…

Read my essay God and Freedom on Acedemia.edu and we can talk.

So you have nothing to show for your mere words.

Just the Word/Logos.

Yours to show eh? Your take, for sure. Glad it works for you. Mine doesn’t for anybody else either.

Try the Logos. You might like it…

What makes you think I haven’t? That I don’t?

I see what I see. I know what I know. The Logos does not speak in questions. You do.

What the Logos in the flesh wasn’t known for answering questions with questions?

So you know the Logos?

What do you know that I don’t about being a more effective contributor to the greater good?

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