God in the Bible vs other religions

Judaism -> Christianity are unique, the central issue is sin.

I’m not disagreeing. Rather vocalized people’s issue with Christianity. I mean other common one is How different God looks in the Torah than the New Testament are how the New Testament most be fake . That someone else most when wrote Paul’s letter

Another issue is that many holidays in the church must be pagan since there were holidays similar or close to it. Yet there is a close another proof that’s not the case for many

Christianity is progressive and in comparison with other religions comes as closets to the truth. There are some (in my opinion) hard to deny pointers about Jesus, to name a few:

  1. The timing God send His son Jesus is no accident. God gave Israel 40 years to repent after they murdered Jesus before the Temple was destroyed and the Jews were scattered around the globe, basically the end of Israel and Judaism. It was foretold in the Old Testament, for instance Deut 28:64-67 reads exactly as documented history after AD 70.

  2. The story of Abraham who was ordered by God to sacrifice his son Isaac. The similarities with God sacrificing His son Jesus are striking.

  • Abraham (father) vs God (Father)

  • Isaac (son) vs Jesus (Son) both pregnancies were supernatural.

  • God ordered Abraham to travel to a certain place, it took Abraham 3 days to get there, mount Moria, which is… Jerusalem, it was there Isaac should be sacrificed, the same place as Jesus was sacrificed.

  • Isaac while climbing mount Moria had to carry the wood that would kill him vs Jesus who had to carry the cross that was going to kill Him.

In the end Abraham (father) was ordered to hold back the knife, God (Father) did not, He gave the most precious He had to save His fallen creation.

It’s a love story.

Or in Jesus words hanging on the cross:

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

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But doesn’t God know all why wait ? He could have done whatever ? Than again does God allow people to change ? I mean he is outside of time

The human experience is a learning one.

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How come Judaism starts out as a tribal God, what is tribal? And how come restricted?

@RichardG @bharatjj @Bill_II So Bhuddism doesn’t make any God compare to how other religions has? How did these people manage to never make a God?

Reference what @bharatjj wrote

@bharatjj can you tell me more about how Abraham “made God” through our collective consciousness for all of humanity?

@RichardG can you tell me more how Buddhism allow others for God while continues peace?

@RichardG @bharatjj @Bill_II how does exclusivity insuring their ways are followed?

@ProDeo how come humans didn’t know what they did?

@Angela275 can you tell me more about outside of time?

How come similarities with these Holidays., how many question this or are blind to this? What beliefs do pagans have that are similar to these holidays? Can a Christian or Jew be a pagan?

@bharatjj Are Hindus Pagan or have similarities to pagans?

@Angela275 When there’s change in religion is that evolution?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I’ve more or less ended up embracing the fact that Christianity is in it’s very origins ‘syncretistic’. Insofar as the apocalyptic Judaism which birthed it had embraced Zoroastrian demonology (a subject I’ve changed my mind on) and Hellenistic Logos philosophy, among other things not found in the Hebrew Bible. God essentially used both as a Praeporatio Evangelia.

The lesson to be learned from this is that we can never see ourselves as ‘always’ right, and our enemies as ‘always’ wrong. We can and should learn from others. This is a problem I see a lot these days, especially in politics on both sides.

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Exclusivity has more to do with the individual than the religion. You find the “one true religion” idea in members of any religion, though granted it is more common in some religion than others. Likewise you will find members who reject this.

I am Christian but I don’t buy into exclusivity. Christianity has no ownership or monopoly on God and I see no reason why the work of God should be confined to Christianity. Furthermore I see it as a product of Gnostic distortions which think that salvation comes from knowing/believing Christian teachings. I reject this completely. I only believe in what Christianity teaches because I judge it to be correct and do not believe any merit or advantage comes to me because of this conclusion/belief.

Much of the exclusivity is based on John 14:6 6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me, and 1 Timothy 2:5 5 For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. But Jesus IS God. So this only means that God is the only mediator and it just underlines the Christian gospel of grace, that salvation comes by the work of God and not by the work of men. No religion is the dispenser of salvation or gatekeeper to heaven and a relationship with God. It only comes from God Himself, and God is the only gatekeeper.

Religion is irrelevant. The stuff we make up to suit our sacred taste receptor, sin and atonement included. But the best case interpreted claim of Christianity, emerging from and transcending that primal mud, is peerless. There is no comparison.

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

In the other thread I overstated things in a similar manner. I said “knowledge is irrelevant.” But I went back and changed this. We often say “irrelevant” when we mean neither necessary nor sufficient. But knowledge is not irrelevant according a stronger use of the word. And the same goes for religion. Religion does make a difference in the lives of many many people. So it is not irrelevant in that sense. But necessary or sufficient? I don’t think so.

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@Klax I agree with you that religion is irrelevant.

My personal experience is I’ve seen white light radiate from in people outward and so I think or believe due to this personal experience that white light lives in all of us and I notice when I allow white light teach me I feel fire burn in my spirit heart.

What are your thoughts about personal experience and personal relationship

I take a phenomenological approach as well as a parallel psychological and neurological one: whatever gets you through the day is good.

We ‘make up’ lots of stuff: sonnets, recipes, fugues, equations. Some are more inspired than others but none are as random as doodles. We and our actions are not the resulting vector of colliding sub atomic particles resulting from and entirely determined by a singularity that began expanding billions of years ago.

Correct. . .

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Creative use of the ellipsis noted and filed away for later use when the 11 character minimum response has not been achieved. :wink:

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@MelekRimaye @MarkD @bharatjj

@MelekRimaye can you tell me more about Zoroastrian demonology? I looked up Zoroastrianism online and learned that it’s about dualism about “bad good.”

Instead I’ll share the German Bible

I won’t share the website that I found online. But I ask, who’s the artist who had freedom to express in the German Bible?

Example reading from website: that I won’t share now.
In another version, on the same Kish Tablets, Gilgamesh is killing “The Bull of Heaven”. It is most likely that Huwawa and this Bull is the same mythological figure, namely the astrological star sign of Taurus.
The age of Taurus was between 4320 BC and 2160 BC, precisely the same period as the Sumerian culture. By killing the Bull, Gilgamesh put an end to the age of Taurus, and welcomed the age of Aries the Ram (the age of Judah)

This thread seems to have lost its purpose and become a thread for the collection of un-Christian and un-scientific miscellanea. Again, from where I sit, I’d say it merits closure at this time.

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I’ve no interest in demon stuff so I won’t be checking that out.

That is fine @MarkD then I should of asked, what did you like about @MelekRimaye post?
How come you liked @MelekRimaye post then?

My mistake is I shared further what I found online. I won’t do that again.