God in the Bible vs other religions

I’m curious with how the fact both Judaism and Christianity origins aren’t the first religions can can we say to to others these are the one true religions. Especially when it comes to the fact there have been similar stories to Christ and Christianity

I think you will find that most would dispute your fact. Christianity is unique in the idea that God makes the first move rather than we having to win His attention. Judaism starts out as a tribal God and in many ways is restricted to Israel and Jews.

If you compare the (so called) major religions you will find similarities In basic behaviour but differences in the approach to God and expected Righteous behaviour. Bhuddism does not require belief in God at all, although it allows for it.

Exclusivity is a part of many religious beliefs as it is a natural device for insuring that their ways are followed. Traditional Christianity falls back onto the words of Christ declaring one way, to back up its exclusivity claims.

There are many who dispute exclusivity and ecumenicalism is becoming more widespread even across faiths as well as denominations. Some see Universalism (as it is termed) as the biggest heresy while others, like myself, consider it ludicrous for God to be so blinkered as to ignore so many faithful people who are only following the traditions of their cultures.

Comparative religion is a lifetime study and not something that can be easily summarised or even defended.


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Judaism -> Christianity are unique, the central issue is sin.

I’m not disagreeing. Rather vocalized people’s issue with Christianity. I mean other common one is How different God looks in the Torah than the New Testament are how the New Testament most be fake . That someone else most when wrote Paul’s letter

Another issue is that many holidays in the church must be pagan since there were holidays similar or close to it. Yet there is a close another proof that’s not the case for many

Christianity is progressive and in comparison with other religions comes as closets to the truth. There are some (in my opinion) hard to deny pointers about Jesus, to name a few:

  1. The timing God send His son Jesus is no accident. God gave Israel 40 years to repent after they murdered Jesus before the Temple was destroyed and the Jews were scattered around the globe, basically the end of Israel and Judaism. It was foretold in the Old Testament, for instance Deut 28:64-67 reads exactly as documented history after AD 70.

  2. The story of Abraham who was ordered by God to sacrifice his son Isaac. The similarities with God sacrificing His son Jesus are striking.

  • Abraham (father) vs God (Father)

  • Isaac (son) vs Jesus (Son) both pregnancies were supernatural.

  • God ordered Abraham to travel to a certain place, it took Abraham 3 days to get there, mount Moria, which is… Jerusalem, it was there Isaac should be sacrificed, the same place as Jesus was sacrificed.

  • Isaac while climbing mount Moria had to carry the wood that would kill him vs Jesus who had to carry the cross that was going to kill Him.

In the end Abraham (father) was ordered to hold back the knife, God (Father) did not, He gave the most precious He had to save His fallen creation.

It’s a love story.

Or in Jesus words hanging on the cross:

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

But doesn’t God know all why wait ? He could have done whatever ? Than again does God allow people to change ? I mean he is outside of time

The human experience is a learning one.

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