Giving weight to Darwin's Theory of Living Fossils

New study showing slow rate of evolutionary change over millions of years for certain species.

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You have to provide comments for discussion if you are going to provide just a link. What is this article about and why should people check it out and what should they come back here and discuss about it?

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I will admit that I rarely click on a link without first seeing some sort of summary of why it is worthy of my time. All too often links-without-summaries are just hit-and-runs fitting somebody’s agenda. (Yea, not always. But often.)

I tend to figure that if the poster didn’t find it worth his/her time to summarize the article, it doesn’t merit my time to read it. This is even more so if the link goes to a video where it can be very difficult to skim and learn what it is about.

If the link is to a website with a good reputation, that may encourage me to click. But so much science journalism is poorly done, so I tend to ignore sensationalist headlines. Likewise, I tend to ignore summaries that are simply a rewording of the article’s title.