Georgia Update — it has been a while

This week’s update.

The most recent week’s data are incomplete, but the previous week shows another decline overall.

Georgia. [I didn’t see that it was truncated – the top graph is new cases per day.]

Of course, the count of confirmed cases is a misleading measure, as it is driven by testing.

And with colleges back in session now, many college students are being tested now who would not have been tested a few weeks ago.

So just look at deaths.

Yes, there was a decline in deaths week or week for the most recent week with complete data.

See the graph on post 121.

I’ll wait, thank you.

Georgia hospitalizations continue to decline.

As always, the last week is incomplete data.

Closer to herd immunity.

I heard or saw yesterday that 10% of the population had SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. How close is that to herd immunity, do you think?

Your projection is wishful thinking and premature.

I will continue to wait and watch.

By how much?

Source? link?

“Heard or saw” seems to lack credibility.

The more people who get the disease, the closer we are to herd immunity. That is simply fact, neither wishful thinking nor premature.

I didn’t make it up nor am I lying.

Seriously? You are basing your claims on a subset of the population requiring dialysis in July?

Ok, that seems quite strange.

That was the first hit on a search.

Read a little further, very little.

And 28k is a respectable number.

I find it incredible that you continue to support the outrageous claim that a study of people taking dialysis in July is representative of the population in general today.

Yes, you do have credibility issues.

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What do you know about dialysis patients? They live in families, take public transit, etc., etc., and they are a captive audience, so to speak. Why shouldn’t they be a good population to study?

Nor were we given stats on whether they were all hemodialysis patients of not. A significant number may have been peritoneal dialysis patients who may lead a fairly normal life.

38% of them are 65 or older and have an underlying condition that would make them more likely to isolate.

Using them as representative of the population in general is not appropriate.

But people who have an agenda sometimes ignore facts.


The research lines up with previous estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and suggests that the U.S. is a long way from herd immunity.

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