Georgia Purdom (AiG) Criticizes the Homeschool Forum

(Brad Kramer) #1

Also, for the people who are coming to the Homeschool Forum because of this post, welcome! We’re very glad you are here. This part of our Forum is reserved for homeschoolers who are evolutionary creationists (and their allies). If you subscribe to a young-earth creationist viewpoint, your thoughts are welcome on our Open Forum page.

(Casper Hesp) #2

This is interesting, because Purdom’s post is just generating more attention for BioLogos and the Homeschool Forum in this way. We just have to stomach some of those typical YEC one-liners like “you’ll reject the Gospel if you don’t believe Genesis like we do!”, but besides that it’s pretty helpful of her.

(Christy Hemphill) #3

Yeah, kudos for actually linking to our forum, not some AIG article that warns people not to come here.


They say that the best way to get a book read is to have it banned.

(Christy Hemphill) #5

So, should we and all our friends go “love” the post and hope it gets super popular?

(Christy Hemphill) #6

I re-read her post, and she makes it sound like BioLogos is now publishing curriculum in competition with AIG.

Nope, no curriculum for sale. We just want a place to discuss curriculum where no one feels compelled to pray for our souls when we acknowledge the dinosaurs didn’t inhabit earth with humans. It doesn’t look like she really did much homework before writing up her blurb.

(Ashley Lande) #8

:rage: I get annoyed by the use of the words “liberal” (and “conservative”) in reference to ways of interpreting scripture and views on how God created. So loaded and imprecise… though I find myself using them too (though always prefaced by the caveat that they are loaded and imprecise… lol). I guess in a case such as this, the word is intended to be loaded!

(Christy Hemphill) #9

My eleven-year old daughter said at dinner a few months ago, “We’re liberal, right?” I was like, “Who told you that?” “One of the other kids.” (We are probably the second most “liberal” family in the circles we run in these days.) I found it quite challenging to explain what “liberal” meant and when it was a compliment and when it was an insult.

(Phil) #10

Agree. Though I do throw the fundamentalist label around a little too freely at times. Which is especially bad, since some of the founding fundamentalists had no problem with evolution.

(George Brooks) #11

If we could have the names of the one or two (or more?) Founding Fundamentalists who supported Evolutionary science, I think I could make a nice biographical post on that person or persons!

Any “joy” for getting names from the histories of Fundamentalism?

(Phil) #12

Here is a link to the history of fundamentalism as relates to evolution.