Georgia: Not out of the woods, and far from herd immunity

They also don’t include everything, lies of omission.

Just go back and review the CNN video, the one that got them sued for $200 million.

It doesn’t because that street is not the McCloskey’s castle, it is just a through street used by every member of the community.

The street is owned by an HOA corporation which has a board that is elected by residents. It is NOT owned severably or jointly by the residents; it is owned by a legal corporation which is allowed to assess dues and penalties to maintain the property and facilities owned by the corporation.

Moreover, there’s this:

“The Castle Doctrine has limitations. It does not justify you shooting someone in your yard or on your front step who has not placed you in reasonable fear of imminent deadly force being used against you.” (emphasis added to imminent)

When the justice marchers were striding down the street, they did not pose any threat whatsoever to the McCloskeys, much less an imminent threat.

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Well, we will see how the case proceeds.

Fortunately, the governor understands the error and shameful motives of the DA here and has committed to a pardon, if needed.

It will be a sad day in America when people have to cower in fear in their homes while mobs threaten to burn down their house or take over there house.

They did not shoot anyone, did they?

They were in no danger that they did not create, like taking a selfie at the edge of a cliff.

The point is that, contrary to your legal opinion, the Castle Doctrine does not apply in a situation where (a) the assailant does not own the property where passersby are standing, or (b) the assailant has not been placed in reasonable fear of imminent deadly force being used against him/her.

When people surround your house and say they are going to burn your house down or say they are going to take over your house and have your rooms, you can decide if you have reasonable fear.

I hope that does not happen to you as it did to them.

If it does, you can choose to cower in hiding. I would not. Neither would my lovely bride of 46 years.

You are misimagining the scenario and exaggerating it.

If they had offered them cold drinks instead of the open ends of guns, there just might have been a better outcome.

What is the most common mandate in scripture? Do you even know? How much were they trusting in God? Their egos were on full display – that’s a sure way to not have a good resolution, right?

See a group of terrorists in front of your house saying they are going to burn down your house. Then you can decide if it is an exaggeration.

You were too busy being incensed to see my last reply.

Accept the words of Jesus:

Luke 11:21

When a strong man , fully armed, guards his castle, his property is safe.

Wow. That’s the out of context lesson you take from that?

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If you want to roll over and be abused and mistreated, have at it.

That is not my calling nor the direction given by my Savior.

You are sure welcome to keep your pride and ego.




Vance, do you think that if you repeat the same canard dozens of times – even after you have been corrected multiple times – that somehow your audience will be convinced?

There is a rule on this forum against simply repeating yourself, and it is especially important when your interlocutors have cited hard evidence that you absolutely refuse to acknowledge.

@moderators - I suggest that it is time to lock this thread.

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We don’t need to talk about the failure of herd immunity in Georgia or anywhere else anymore here, anyway.

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I think herd immunity is important to continue discussing.

The new cases in Europe recently exceeded the new cases in the US, so the touting of the success of European measures may have been premature.

It appears we are off the rails here. Locked.


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