George wants to know about OEC (spin-off)


Hey there, fellow Bay-Stater !!! I grew up in Quincy!

I enjoyed the details from your Bio!:

“I am currently an Old Earth Creationist who, after holding that position for many years, discovered RTB, and now help run the Boston RTB chapter. I don’t agree with everything RTB says, but I love to engage in the exchange of ideas…”

What do you think is the key evidence for an special creation, in the context of an Old Earth? I don’t think many of us get to hear this view that often. So I wanted to encourage you to give us the “inside” view !!! :smiley:

@gbrooks9 That sounds like another thread. And it would take some time to explain and defend, though it would be fun. Remind me if I forget, and I’ll take that on some time.


I too would like to hear it. I used to hold RTB’s position but it would be cool to hear you support it.

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@gbrooks9 George, this kind of question is the perfect opportunity (since it has absolutely nothing to do with the mathematical probability of evolution) to use the “+new topic” option that you will find if you click on the time stamp of any post that tempts you to veer wildly off topic. It’s fun, it’s easy, you need to try it more. :grin:

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You can always provide links to articles that do justice to your views and add comments or introductions when appropriate. No need to re-write everything.

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