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Would anyone like to recommend a discussion forum for Christians / about Christianity, that doesn’t have BioLogos’ particular interest in the intersection with science?

I have been getting lots of useful responses to my more general questions, but, I have so many more! Don’t want to keep being off-topic.

(Yes I do have a good church with a good pastor but I don’t want to drive him nuts, either.)


Perhaps there will be some good suggestions forthcoming.

But meanwhile, don’t agonize overmuch about starting something “off-topic”. As you can see, most others who come or hang out here aren’t much bothered by topic drift into all sorts of things. The worst that can happen is that we mods will intervene if it gets too far into political or sexual hot-button issues - and even then we have often shown considerable latitude so long as things don’t get too uncivil. It can also be changed over into a private message between a select party of individuals of your choice - which means the public at large can’t see or join it without an invite, and also means you can talk about anything you want.


It would be interesting to hear of some general discussion forums, but what I prefer is to find some good blogs by reliable knowledgeable writers and read what they say. A few of my favorites are Scot McKnight and Russel Moore on Christianity today, Randal Rauser, and Richard Beck. There are many out there in various nooks. It is interesting to hear the opinions of a varied audience on forums like this, but it is also helpful to read the opinion of someone who knows and subject and has crafted a cohesive paper. Of course, the blog on the main page of this site has a library of great articles of that nature, and often gets forgotten.


The best by a country mile.

I am an occasional participant in: Christianity. " Like any library, Christianity Stack Exchange offers great information, but does not offer personalized advice , and does not take the place of seeking such advice from your pastor, priest, or other trustworthy counselor." The format of this site is, more or less, you ask a question or pose a query, responses are given, and the responses are “graded” by viewers. Rambling debate is discouraged.

A second forum that I have seen but not participated in is a spin-off of: “Early Christian Writings”. The forum itself is at: Biblical & History Forum. I am least familiar with this site. Peter Kirby, the brain behind the Early Christian Writings site and the Biblical & History Forum, also has a Twitter Feed AND a blog:

Unfortunately, I’m the only person who would be interested in a forum that I started, which would leave me in the position of having “peerless review” and moderating any exchanges between me and myself.

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I’ve spent a little time there. Pretty reasonable but I don’t think I learned anywhere near As much about Christianity there. There was a book thread I liked.

But as to the OP, the only other one I participated on was the reasonable faith forums on William Craig’s website. Not sure that’s even around anymore but that place was a snake pit.

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As “snake pits” go, no place, IMO, beats:

Probably all the atheist site I’ve frequented are worse except one.

Well, I keep being tempted to comment on Facebook. Beat that! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I strayed into some antivax talk on Facebook. No possible common ground there. I avoid that sort of thing now.


I’ve not spent time there, but I see Bible Project has a forum to go with their online courses.

The courses you can take are listed here:

I have a very high opinion of Tim Mackie and his team and if I had extra free time myself, I would take advantage of some of these. In any case, it might be a good way to meet other nerdy Christian types who like to discuss Bible interpretation.


To the best of my knowledge Peter Kirby has largely been silent for well over 5 plus years. I spent a lot of time over on the secular web when he was there a long time ago. His ECW (and EJW) websites are both invaluable though.

That forum is decent at times but can also be overrun by Jesus mythicists. I visit it from time to time and read.


5 years? That would be disappointing if he is no longer available to respond to requests to purchase the CD that he offered for sale.

Out of curiosity, I searched among reviewers of “Jesus Mythicism: An Introduction” and found:
Peter Kirby
noticed that he posted an “idea list” as late as Feb 9, 2021. A lengthy silence on his forum, but … not completely unavailable.

I had him on FB for a while but we never communicated and I recently cleaned up my list and excluded it mainly to family and a few NT groups. He still logs in to the forum but in terms of being very active and updating the site and dialoging and posting articles, I don’t see it. Maybe it is the married life but way back when he was spending extremely large amounts of time updating the website and researching NT issues. He eventually made this site as well:

At any rate, I still go to ECW when I see a 2d writing for a first look at questions of dating and authorship. It is a very valuable resource but definitely needs updating in a few areas.


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Agreed. There are other forms for other interests.

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