Gayle Woloschak, Scientist and Theologian

This is an excellent interview with Gayle Woloschak, the Plenary Speak at the 2019 ASA Conference.


Dear Alice,
What about this interview do you find excellent? I have read it and not find any wisdom in the article other than the obvious inclusion of women.
Best Wishes, Shawn

Thanks for sharing this, Alice. It is good to hear from wise voices such as Gayle’s.

And to give some answer, then, to @Shawn_Murphy in that regard, there is wisdom in the voices of those who want to help open up the scientific mind to higher wisdoms (such as much that is theological) while yet respecting the rational thought process that scientists rightly adhere to. The scientific world badly needs this on Gayle’s account and I think she’s right.

One area where the need for diversity is acute is (Gayle mentioned) the corporate world, which distressingly suffers from some of the same lack of diverse viewpoint as the scientific one. Only they are motivated more exclusively by profit margin. More voices are needed there too to help emancipate corporate boards from that even more destructive mental prison. And it is men that have been particularly, historically prone to having “end-justifies-means” blinders on. But the day will hopefully come when those (often male) influences will be able to seek higher ways too, and this won’t any longer have to be seen as being relegated to a gender issue. Meanwhile, those voices such as Gayle’s provide just that kind of needed leadership. May her tribe increase.


Yes, great interview. Thanks for posting it! I would have liked going to the ASA (and the Biologos) Conference.