FYI : Dallas Theological Seminary is offering a free course on Genesis

Here is the link if you are interested in this free course on Genesis

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Thanks for posting. I signed up and am listening to the first lesson. Sounds good so far. The lecturer comes at Genesis 1 from the standpoint that
" * So the creation account is not strictly literal.

  • But the language in the first chapters in Genesis is not strictly figurative either. God intends to communicate, and he is a good communicator (the best). So we are certain that the analogical language in Genesis is reliable and sufficiently like the literal."
    He then goes on to argue for 6 24 hour days of creation, so we will see how it goes.
    I was curious as to how DTS teaches. Should be interesting.

The second lecture is outstanding, he handles the sabbath, man’s dominion over the Earth, being created in God’s image and the relationship between man and women in a very beautiful way.

Only if one is blind to the role of culture in communication would one be able to say in the next breath:

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