FYI : Dallas Theological Seminary is offering a free course on Genesis

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Here is the link if you are interested in this free course on Genesis

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Thanks for posting. I signed up and am listening to the first lesson. Sounds good so far. The lecturer comes at Genesis 1 from the standpoint that
" * So the creation account is not strictly literal.

  • But the language in the first chapters in Genesis is not strictly figurative either. God intends to communicate, and he is a good communicator (the best). So we are certain that the analogical language in Genesis is reliable and sufficiently like the literal."
    He then goes on to argue for 6 24 hour days of creation, so we will see how it goes.
    I was curious as to how DTS teaches. Should be interesting.

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The second lecture is outstanding, he handles the sabbath, man’s dominion over the Earth, being created in God’s image and the relationship between man and women in a very beautiful way.

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Only if one is blind to the role of culture in communication would one be able to say in the next breath:

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