Fun interactive map lets you see where your town was throughout earth history

(Christy Hemphill) #1

This is a fun thing to do with kids. Enter your town and you get an interactive globe where you can select from a drop-down a time period and learn what was happening on earth and where your town was as the continents were shifting around. Each time period has information about life on earth and major changes during that time. You can use the arrow keys to move forward and backward in time.


Very cool–thank you for linking!

(Phil) #3

Enjoyed it a lot, thanks for posting. We have a lot of limestone, sandstone and shale in our are as well as granite, and it is fun to try to relate that with times of upheaval and fall with seaway formation.

(Kathryn Applegate) #4

We should use this for INTEGRATE!

(Christy Hemphill) #5

Fossils and Age of the Earth?

(Joshua Hedlund) #6

Thank you so much for posting! I had seen this before and was just looking for it the other day but my searches were not pulling it up.