From Young-Earth Creationist to Whale Evolution Expert: My Story

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Great read! And quite inspirational!!!

Whales are definitely on the hit-parade of any promoter of evolution to doubters.

There’s a Genetic Story behind every page.
Clear distinction between Whale Fossils and the Marine Reptiles of the Dino ages.
There’s even a clear distinction between the rise of large land mammals and the
subsequent rise of whales!

Teeth vs. Baleen makes for a great story.
And the transitional anatomy forms in the arc of whale evolution is a great graphic as

[Oh, and for the YEC deniers, I also made a whale in my basement laboratory. I started with a fish!

It only took a few hours. But I rarely get to talk about that …]

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where we were told that we had to learn evolution for the test but that we didn’t have to believe any of it


I hate to hear about Christian schools using that approach, let alone public schools. Hopefully that doesn’t go on as much any longer.