From PBS Nova: Secrets of Noah's Ark

Secrets of Noah’s Ark is a very interesting presentation from PBS/Nova. Enjoy!


I watched it. It was excellent. Thanks. Amazing how there were twice yearly floods around each ancient city. Clearly the flood myth in the Hebrew bible came from the Babylonians. It was an excellent and thoroughly done investigation. Hopefully Ken Ham will see it. Everyone who is going to go the Kentucky to see Ham’s Ark encounter should play this video in the car for the kids to see on their way to Kentucky.



Thank you for watching it. I like how they explained the ark story’s importance to the Hebrews. And now it’s one of the most familiar stories of all time. Nova has produced several excellent shows on biblical themes.

btw, we’ve known for a LONG time that Hebrews adapted the ark story from older, pagan stories.

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I wish I had seen it.

You can watch it online here

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