Free Online Course on Genetics and Evolution starts soon

Introduction to Genetics and Evolution is an online course offered by Duke University and taught by Dr. Mohamed Noor. The course is free, but if you want a certificate of achievement there is a nominal charge. I took this course some time ago and it ranks as one of my all-time favorites. And Dr. Noor has a wonderful sense of humor.

btw, Dr. Noor points out in the beginning of the course that there Is no conflict between evolution and religion, and mentions Dr. Francis Collins as one who embraces both.

So, if you want to learn something about evolution and genetics, what’s not to like?

Sign up soon, as the course starts Aug 15, 2017.

Thanks for posting! This sounds like a great opportunity to do a little continuing education.

Oh, it is! You will absolutely love it. Don’t forget to sign up. btw, you don’t have to buy a textbook, although he mentions some supplemental books .

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