Frederick Douglass’s Fight Against Scientific Racism

It’s Black History Month, and it’s also the 200th birthday of one of America’s greatest thinkers, Frederick Douglass. Douglas was so much more than an abolitionist. I never realized the lengths he went to combat the concept of “scientific racism,” once widely accepted by American scientists. There were even efforts to claim that the Egyptians, with their impressive accomplishments, were white! Douglas did an impressive amount of research in preparation for a lecture to debunk this nonsense, pointing out that racial descriptors were not mentioned in the Bible.

Read the article: Frederick Douglass’s Fight against Scientific Racism


Thank you, @beaglelady,

Reminds us how science has been misused.

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Exactly. Thanks for your comment, Roger. Were you able to access the article?

Yes, I was, although I must admit I had already read it.

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