Francis Collins on Who Is America?

Did anyone see the latest Who Is America? episode where Sacha Baron Cohen pranks Francis Collins? It’s always great when he tries to get the good guys and they don’t fall for it.

No I have not, but if anyone has a link it would be interesting to see. I have seen a few of the ones he has done, and it is shocking to see how some politicians can be made such fools.

Here is an episode summary. In this reviewer’s judgment, Dr. Collins “acquits himself perfectly.”

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I was watching it and was pretty surprised to see Francis Collins pop up. Oh dear, I thought :slight_smile: But “acquits himself perfectly” is an apt description!

That was cringeworthy!

I don’t quite understand the purpose of interviewing people like Collins. It seems like in those segments to joke is on Baron Cohen’s character but the character is already the joke so I’m not sure what he’s doing? I mean, maybe it’s just funny to see upstanding and smart people like Collins squirm a little but it’s really a waste of a segment if you ask me. There are plenty of bad people to dupe into showing their true colors - we don’t need to see Collins like this.

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