Francis Collins & Deb Liu | Live from Silicon Valley

Deb Liu, the CEO of Ancestry, and Francis Collins, the previous director of the NIH and leader of the Human Genome project, delve into the fascinating world of genetic science, exploring its implications on our understanding of human identity, ancestry and health. Throughout the conversation they also share stories and reflections on how their Christian faith motivates their work and sheds light on the ethical and moral considerations that arise when navigating the complex world of genetic research and its applications.

Hillary note: This was a GREAT conversation and I hope you enjoy it.


I hit the road tomorrow to visit grandkids, so hope to listen to it then. Looks great!


When I try this the audio disappears around 5:20. And jumping forward gives me nothing.

Had no problems listening, and enjoyed the interviews. Good discussion of privacy concerns and commercial use of genetic data. It was interesting to consider how commercial use actually makes advances more affordable and available to the masses.

Oh no! Can you tell me what you’re listening on?

PC But the problem must have been temporary. I have no problem now.