Francis Collins: A Good and Faithful Servant - Post

BioLogos congratulates Dr. Francis Collins for his incredible service at the National Institutes of Health!


I thank God for Francis Collins and BioLogos. BL was there when I desperately need answers to what, at the time, felt like existential questions. I dread to think what state my faith would be in if God hadn’t providentially lead me to this website.

I wish the good doctor all the best as he returns to the lab.


Prior to January 2020 I would have agreeed with the assessment of this article. No offense intended (discussion of facts are important), but I personally think NIH involvement with Wuhan Institute of Virology research on coronaviruses was anything but a feather in the career hat. That aside, everyone benefitted from Francis’ lengthy tenure at NIH. And their were plenty of misgivings to start, due to his personal faith in Christ. Michael Eisen being the most vocal, I think. That was before Twitter really took hold in broad political circles.

Welcome to the forum, Robert. I think the final chapter on Wuhan has yet to be written. You might be interested in the article I referenced in the Origin of Covid revisited post. It is a complicated issue, and research on these sort of viruses has been going on quite a while, and may even be credited with having made a positive contribution in understanding and treating this outbreak.

I too was disheartened to see Dr. Collins involvement in this. The buck DOES stop here.
Alas, no one is perfect and even the best of us forget a few things along the way:
The ends do NOT justify the means and, Just because we CAN does NOT mean we SHOULD.

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” -Colossians 4:6

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