Four Views On Creation, Evolution, And Intelligent Design (New Book)

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Looks great! Ordered a copy, looks like a book that would be good to share with friends confused about the relative positions and who want to learn more.

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It’s ideal for that exact situation. Dialogue books are fantastic conversation starters, especially when someone is really skeptical of a certain position.

This looks great! I’ve really enjoyed the Counterpoints series. I’ll likely use this for discussion with family. Thanks.

Oh, I am definitely putting that on my Christmas list!

Are you going to read the whole thing? Or just skim through some parts :open_mouth: ?

We will see. It should be interesting to see how each case is presented.

Looks like a valuable book! It’s wonderful that this dialogue was possible and is available to readers. Many thanks to all involved.

Comparing the authors of this new book with those of the original 1999 book, I would guess that YEC is insisted upon by Ken Ham more than it was by Moreland and Nelson, authors of the YEC chapter in the 1999 book.

As far as science, perhaps evidence for an old Earth was about as overwhelming in 1999 as it is today.

Evidence for the shared ancestry of humans with other animals was likewise already overwhelming by 1999 (actually well before then) but perhaps not quite as accessible/understandable to non-biologists as it is today.

In any case, the four authors are each clearly leading champions of their respective positions.

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I look forward to reading this book as it might be helpful for a college course that explores the origins issue. Having leaders in their respective areas speak with their own voice lends credibility to the “conversation.” Thumbs up.


Welcome to the BioLogos forum. :slight_smile: If you end up using the book for a class, do make your students aware that they can come discuss any questions the essays raise here on this forum and have the chance to interact with a range of perspectives as well as hear from Christian scientists. It’s a great place for people who are wrestling with questions and trying to figure out where they stand, and other forum contributors can point people toward all kinds of really helpful resources. We wish more college students would stop by, or at least speak up if they’re here. You don’t need to be a PhD or some kind of expert to start a topic.


Will do. Thanks for the good suggestion.

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There was a proposal many months ago … where I suggested that we might intentionally have a rotation of representatives from selected seminaries (or whatever category of school we wanted). Every year (or every semester?), a new representative would be rotated in. There’d never be a dull day!

It was such a popular idea that somebody must have taken all the electrons and bytes to bring home with them, because I couldn’t find a trace of that topic or thread anywhere.

Apparently the same thing happens to many of my wind chimes on the back porch. They make so much beautiful sound that people decide they want them for their own houses. These houses must be pretty far away because I never see them again.

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