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(Brad Kramer) #1

We are switching servers for the Forum, which requires that we “freeze” all discussions during the process. So all thread will be set to “read-only” from Thursday evening to Friday morning (EST). I don’t know exactly what time I will be able to “unfreeze” everything on Friday, it depends on whether the switch went smoothly. Thanks in advance for your patience.

(Brad Kramer) #2

(Phil) #3

Will counselors and detox resources be available to prevent users from seeking their fix on the street?

(Brad Kramer) #4

Phil, you’re the doctor here. What do you recommend for withdrawal symptoms?

(Phil) #5

Whatever you do, don’t go on the AiG Facebook and comment sections, as they are likely to lead to seizures and agitiation. I would suggest meditation and Bible study. If you need something to help the posting fixation, I would suggest typing “I will be kind and gracious” repeatedly.

(Casper Hesp) #6

When one’s fingers itch unbearably to write long diatribes about minutiae, are ointments the only thing a doctor may resort to? One can be sure that, sooner or later, the itch will return… Are there cases in which keyboard-removal is morally acceptable, especially if it saves the rest of humanity a huge headache? It’s a tough debate between pro-type and pro-choice…