For the Tech-savvy: Are there any Vloggers around here?

  • I recently heard about “vlogging” and am wondering if there are any around here who would tell me, in a private thread, what tools I need to start with or refer me to a site or someone.
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I don’t do it but I know that YouTube has many. Video bloggers. It’s kind of blended in with the whole influencer stuff. But I know that I often see videos on YouTube about how to start up a vlogger channel.


@Terry_Sampson, you planning to become a YouTube influencer?

  • Nah, I’ve got a niece-in-law who’s been hounding me to record my stories of old ones long gone and younger kin still alive. [I know where all the family’s bodies and secrets are buried ] Just need a recorder for that, but I figured, what the heck, if I add a camcorder, maybe I’ll add sign language and try to put my stepmother’s family tree into sign language too, for Deaf and Hearing cousins, and see how much sign I’ve forgotten.

Aaah. It does always give one a special panache, when one has the dirt on previous generations. If you have a laptop with a camera built in or a desktop that you can add a cheap camcorder to, or even a smart phone with enough memory (and/or a honking big sd card added on), you can record yourself in video with audio. I’ve done it quite a bit for work, when I felt chained to my desk in the basement for over a year, while we were stuck working from home. So, it doesn’t take a lot of equipment or skill. A free Zoom account (and the free software) works well for this, AND you can use it for other things like video calls. My daughter still has her trombone lessons over zoom, and my knitting group met over zoom for over a year!
Of course there are at least 17 other ways to do this. The nice thing with starting by recording with a computer -type thingy is that you don’t need to convert the format of your recording! or rather convert the medium (magnetic tape to computer file).


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