Flat Earthers, the Van Allen Belt and the Raqia?

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We often like to talk about the Raqia as if it’s a completely mythical part of Biblical Cosmology. But what if it was discovered in 1958? We know there is a ‘shield’ around the earth, one that corresponds quite nicely with a dome over the earth, if the flat people are to be believed.

Of course, I see no reason why NASA would admit this if there was a conspiracy.

How would you respond?

(Chris Falter) #2

The earth’s magnetic field was discovered long before 1958. The Van Allen radiation belts were confirmed by satellite experiments in 1958. They contain charged ions from solar wind. This would of course be vastly different from Ezekiel’s vision of God’s throne seated upon the raqia, which is glass.

Astronauts have traveled through the VA belts for lunar expeditions.

As for the conspiracy theories…well, any time you deny the validity of the conspiracy, the theorist assumes that you are a member of the conspiracy. A conspiracy theory is a 100% self-referential system that uses highly elaborate, ad hoc mechanisms to explain away any and all evidence. How is one to make progress? Perhaps you could ask the theorist what kind of evidence would convince him/her that the conspiracy is not real, and see where that leads.


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Associating the VA belt with the raqia would be a quintessential textbook example of concordism.

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I’m sure the flat people would claim that this is made up in order to concord with established cosmology. I’m sure they would say that anything which sounds like a solid dome, ‘is’ a solid dome.

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Well now, that was pretty “flattist” of you, Reggie! What do you have against the flat people? :crazy_face:

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Nothing. You might need to ask Reggie, however. :wink:

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Woops! Sorry about that … my attempted humor will receive the appropriate edit.

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Here’s a picture of a dome over a flat Earth (courtesy of a flat Earth Bible person):

Here’s the Van Allen Belt (courtesy of NASA: the lines coming out of the north and souls pole are magnetic field lines and the colors represent the strength of the belt that has two to three parts)-

The two are definitely not the same thing.

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I have spherical privilege

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