Flat Earthers are back!


Flat-Earthers are back: ‘It’s almost like the beginning of a new religion’

Just when you though you’d seen everything…

(George Brooks) #2

Here’s an illustration rarely seen!

Rowbotham is the Christian Evangelical that decided only a FLAT EARTH was the correct interpretation of the Bible…

(Henry Stoddard) #3


That rather strange. I hope that does not mean they are around today.

I know one thing. It snowing much in Virginia that I think we have had another continental drift. :laughing:

(Robert J. Kurland, Ph.D.) #4

As the elderly lady said in reply to the lecture of the philosopher on cosmology (either Bertrand Russell or William James–the anecdote varies) “It’s turtles all the way down!”

(system) #5

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