First public CRISPR patient for sickle cell in US

Current events article of the day. :slight_smile:

If you listened to Francis Collins on the BioLogos podcast, he described this promising new therapy for sickle cell anemia that involves editing the patient’s DNA.

For the study, doctors are using cells taken from patients’ own bone marrow that will be genetically modified with CRISPR to make them produce a protein that is usually only made by fetuses and by babies for a short time following birth. The hope is this protein will compensate for the defective protein that causes sickle cell disease and enable patients to live normally for the rest of their lives.

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Very happy to learn that. Hopefully this helps people accept gene tinkering as one more life line for people in need rather than a call for pitchforks and torches.


Well, let’s not call it ‘tinkering’.