Finding Harmony Between Evangelical Faith and Evolutionary Science

My name is Dan. I’m an evangelical Christian, and I accept the theory of biological evolution. I’ve come to understand that it is possible to have faith in a supernatural God and also accept the scientific evidence for descent of living species from a common ancestor.
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This is a great paragraph and gets to the heart of the issues that I hear raised all the time by people who are wary of the effect that widespread acceptance of scientific claims will have on the Christian faith.


I agree, @Christy. I want to thank @djprice for writing his story for my blog. It takes a lot of courage to put your personal journey out onto the internet, especially if it involves learning to think about a topic in a new and challenging way. Daniel, you’re an inspiration.

Thanks much for the opportunity to share my story. You’ve got a great forum at BioLogos for sharing conversations in the areas of faith and the science of origins. I think we’re going to see more evangelicals considering these issues and coming to thoughtful conclusions.

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