Finding Beauty and Hope in the Process

Christy Hemphill finds beauty and hope in affirming that God creates through messy and long processes like evolution.


A very well written and considerate article. I also see a parallel to the messy and tragic and brutal history of the Church over the past 2000 years. And yet she is, in a sense, the only hope for the world and unreservedly the spotless bride of Christ.

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Great share, @Christy! A thoughtful, cogent peice. Loved your reflection on the church as a population that might include deadends and trait convergence, that really made me think.

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It is kind of fun to think of the church as a species descended from ancestor species to whom we owe certain traits as others have died out and to think of what adaptations we might need to evolve to be suited to our changing global and cultural ecosystems.


Thankfully it’s a living word and not an old dusty dead book.

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Great article, thank you. I share the “problem” of not tracing salvation to a single moment (kind of hard to “find” something you feel like you’ve always had), but this is a neat way to look at it.