Final photo from Creation Museum: Gen 3:14 taken literally

The verse says God curses the serpent by transforming it into an animal that crawls on its belly. As with the ark vision regarding the Flood, the museum takes the text very literally by imagining Satan as a humanoid serpent.

But you know, their Gospel presentation at the very end I think BioLogos folks would endorse. It is a very good film about the New Testament.

So again it is Genesis 1-11 that is the point of maximum tension.

Henry Morris’s book The Genesis Flood emerged in 1961 I think due to several forces according to Ronald Numbers.

The re-entry of evolution into science textbooks post-Sputnik.

A famous book called A Christian View of Science and Scripture by Bernard Ramm that I think moved in an EC direction and was endorsed I believe by Billy Graham after his radical choice in 1957 to break with his fundamentalist roots and work with mainline Protestants in his NYC crusade.

Morris was a fundamentalist Baptist who founded a church across from Virginia Tech that today is called Harvest Baptist. I have sat with a former pastor and wondered about neighborhood dynamics.

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lol. I want that picture as a poster lol.

Is that peacock feathers growing out its head? Other than being at the wrong end, maybe proof that Satan was a feathered dinosaur?
Opps, guess the peacock was behind the humanoid reptilian.


I always wonder where did this leg things come from? I don’t see it saying they have legs… is it the confusion over the crawling in dust?

Sign of pride :wink:

One of my pictures from the museum:

Is that the AIG museum? Looks familiar to me.

It is the creation museum in Kentucky near the ark exhibit.

My sister-in-law wanted to go, so my wife and I took her and her husband.

It was surreal.

Oh, okay. I visited about 11 years ago when I was still YEC. I liked it at the time, though mostly for the gardens, animals, and planetarium.

I think the photo in the OP is the ICR museum, because I’m sure I would have remembered something as crazy-looking as that. :wink:

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