Fetal cell lines versus newly aborted fetal tissue

Science editor at CT Rebecca Randall has written up a nice explanation of the difference between fetal cell lines and newly acquired fetal tissue from abortions in testing medicines.

The COVID-19 therapy from Regeneron used the same fetal cell line that other vaccines use. It is not the case, as I saw one headline proclaim, that the President is encouraging everyone to inject themselves with aborted babies.

Here is a fact check:
The drug is not manufactured from human embryonic tissues.
The drug was tested using an almost 50-year-old fetal cell line, not newly aborted fetal tissue.
Almost all medical advances of the last few decades are similarly ethically tainted, and multiple faith groups have taken the position that even though the cell line was derived from an abortion that was a moral wrong decades ago, using it does not cause more harm and is ethical.

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