Favourite Christian blogs/podcasts/YouTube channels etc

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What are your favourite Christian blogs, podcasts, youtube channels, etc?


YouTube Channels:

  • InspiringPhilosophy
  • TheFuelProject (though I say this cautiously)
  • Classical Theist
  • WordOnFire
  • CSLewisDoodle


  • Unbelievable?
  • NakedBiblePodcast
  • The Bible for Normal People

Blogs and Websites:

  • Michael Heiser
  • FaithfulPhilosophy (@Korvexius’s blog)
  • Hump of the Camel (@Jon_Garvey’s blog)
  • James Bishop’s blog
  • Shadow To Light


joeledmundanderson.com is highly recommended.

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I commented on his Nephilim post, if you saw, which I know you have because you liked it.

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Looking forward to seeing others favorites here. I have mentioned this one a time or two, find it interesting and thoughtful, written by a Church of Christ psychology professor:

and of course:

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I give a ‘dittto’ to the Word on Fire blog you expressed above. Not to mention Jon’s site, “the Hump of the Camel”.

I’ve also on occasion enjoyed the very Catholic Ed Feser’s blog, even though I disagree with him on oodles of things. I’d hate to have to debate him. But the few of his blogs I’ve read have been occasions of education for me.

Though I’m not a regular frequenter, I really enjoyed “The O’Flynn” (TOF) in his “Great Ptolemaic Smackdown” which makes for an entertaining and informative, if somewhat caustic read. Just follow that series through all its parts to its conclusion (which you will because you won’t be able to stop reading it - and there are lots of pictures!), and you’ll be rewarded with a lot of great history and references.

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and not to forget this one, whose author comments here on occasion:

and of course, (actually my favorite, often is also on Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed):

and this one:

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I really like the experimental theology, especially after reading his review of George Macdonald, who is one of my favorites; also your second.
http://onscript.study interviews lots of theological authors, both Jewish and Christian.

I’m finding your Rider in the Clouds interesting lately, too. Yes, @Jon_Garvey has great insight on his writings too.

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