Favorite science news of the year?


Thought we’d start a thread of all your favorite science news and articles of the year! I may also repost some of them on our socials.

I’ll start: The Tesla Truck. :rofl: Just kidding. I think mine might be the black hole picture!

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Here’s a list of some cool things from the first half of the year!

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Oh yes, the Eye of Sauron! I guess I don’t keep up enough to even remember what was this year and last year – I was going to say InSight landing on Mars but that was November 2018. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This story was posted last October on Nautilus, but I only found it a few weeks ago, so does that count? It’s a theory (and apparently not a popular one among physicists) that suggests we have black holes all wrong because really they’re dark energy stars. Fascinating stuff.

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Interesting idea. But I know I for one won’t be stepping forward to test whether

the event horizon surrounding a collapsed star is no longer a point of no return but instead a traversable, physical surface



I think my favorite was around the potential cure of sickle cell disease with CRISPR.

NPR has been following one of the patients:

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