Favorite BioLogos blog posts?

Hi all, my assistant and I are in the process of putting together a “top 100” list of the best, most impactful BioLogos blog posts of all time. This list will have multiple purposes, some of which relate to cool updates to our website coming soon :wink:. We would like your help! Please comment below with your favorite posts you’ve ever read at BioLogos. Title alone is fine, or just as specific a descriptor as you can remember (“I loved that series on miracles by Ard Louis”). It would be even more helpful if you could briefly describe why you loved each of your choices. It’s very important for us to get feedback from our most faithful readers and followers as we assemble this list. Thanks in advance for helping out!


I vote for Peter Enns’s image of God series.


What a great project!!! I would pay money for that …

@Christy, for those who want to recommend a series or a book … you can imagine @BradKramer’s quandary . . . what quote can he use to represent the gravitas of the entire series or book?

Is there a part of the series that just really made you go “wow” ?

If you’d asked for our favorite thread posts, you’d have been overwhelmed. Of course, everyone would be voting for themselves, so not much would be accomplished (as usual!). :joy:

A few of my nominees, in no particular order:



Adam, Eve, and Human Population Genetics: Responses to Popular Arguments - BioLogos (Pick one or all)
On the Origin of Our Species: Understanding the Newest Discoveries - BioLogos

Nice! I’ve passed that on to my pastor now! He really likes this view of the Image of God!

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I have referred back to this one several times, and of course, it’s N. T. Wright.


Middleton (see above: Humans as Imago Dei) has many articles and an excellent book, The Liberating Image, using the same royal/cultic (functional) model of the imago Dei. Fascinating stuff.

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