Fall Beauty to Share

(Randy) #21

this was from our first hard frost, about 10 days ago, on my way to work.

@Mervin_Bitikofer, Thank you for your memorial to the innocent slain of the synagogue yesterday. I regret that I forgot to bring that up at our prayer time at today’s Sunday School. I will try to do that next week.

(Mark D.) #22

Glorious color!


Yeah, this one’s a bit more local. Gopecks are a cross between a Magpie and a Goanna… All the worst parts of both. Massive claws, sharp beak with razor teeth, swooping… You can imagine how nasty they are! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Phil) #24

Speaking of weird entities, this conference was held in my hometown, promoted by a creationist museum run by one of my old neighbors when I was a kid:

(system) #26

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