Explaining Forum "zones"

You might notice some changes happening on the Forum. @cstump and I (@bradkramer) just launched a new part of the Forum just for homeschoolers and their allies who ascribe to the BioLogos position of evolutionary creationism. You’ll recognize all Homeschool Forum threads by their purple category marker (as well as the words “Homeschool Forum”). This category has special rules that are different than the rest of the Forum. We (the moderators) ask that you respect the rules for this category, and only post on those threads if you are an EC homeschooler, a supportive ally of them, or just asking for information (again, please read the linked rules for that category).

The rest of the Forum (including the old categories of “biblical interpretation”, “scientific evidence” and such) has been folded into a new category called “Open Forum”. The rules for this category are the same as always: All perspectives are welcome, but you must follow our standards of gracious dialogue.

Make sure when you create a new topic that you select the appropriate category (and sub-category). For instance, if you want to talk about Genesis and biblical authority, select “Open Forum–>Biblical Interpretation”.

Let the moderators (@BradKramer, @cstump, @Christy, and @Casper_Hesp) know if you need any help, or are confused about these changes.

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

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