Experience Biology class and The Riot And The Dance

Has anyone had a child take the Experience Biology class from Journey Homeschool Academy? I am considering it, but I would love to hear from someone who has been through it that isn’t YE.

If not, does anyone have experience with the book The Riot and The Dance?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Melody,
I haven’t read The Riot and the Dance, but apparently a film of it came out a few years ago. We have an archived thread asking for information about it, but it doesn’t look like anyone who participated had actually seen it:

Looks like it’s available for free on Amazon Prime video.

So I watched it. I enjoyed the beautiful cinematography…until even that became boring. Basically it’s just creationist propaganda. Any predation he attributes to the fall…mostly. He says God gives animals an appetite for the food he wants them to eat. Even leeches drinking blood, and human blood even. I’m not kidding. He shows a leech sucking his blood. I can’t unsee that.

One thing he doesn’t like is the mating habits of elephant seals, and how the males have large harems. He says this won’t be how beaches are run after the resurrection. ( I think he meant in the life of the world to come.)

At the end, he talks about venomous snakes and about we’re at warfare with them. He takes Genesis too literally.

All in all it’s a terrible movie and not good biology.


That’s too bad… thanks for taking one for the team. :smiley:

It is always nice to see beautiful cinematography… but there are quite a lot of documentaries that can offer that without trying to read too much of Genesis into nature. BBC’s Planet Earth is one that comes to mind.

Thank you for your replies. I was really more interested in the book than the film, but I guess it is probably similar.

Journey Homeschool Academy has an online Biology course for high school that looks interesting, but I am concerned that it may be too YE for my family. The reviews all look good, even one that I found from a secular family, but I hate to shell out the money, if the teaching isn’t what I hoped for.

I was thinking…maybe those randy elephant seals need some purity culture. Btw, the guy also says that God loves the color green, which must make Bruce Banner feel special.

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Yes, the book and the movie are probably not that different.

My daughter is taking biology this year from Wilson Hill Academy online and I’ve been very happy with it. They use a standard biology textbook (Miller and Levine) and it has been very thorough at teaching evolution, although they spent some time considering ID and creationist explanations as well. The teacher, who is an MD, has been very kind and affirming of my daughter (who is pretty open about her EC sensibilities in discussions although most of the other students have never heard of such a thing). She has also brought up a lot of other interesting issues for students to consider from a Christian perspective, like genetic engineering.

Thank you! That is very helpful! I will look into Wilson Hill Academy.

Novare has good Christian homeschool science materials, not young-earth. My son’s ahead enough that we used a general college biology textbook instead, but he’s been doing well with their chemistry and physics texts.

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My son and daughter have used the Chemistry for Advanced Students in Honors Chem at Wilson Hill. They seem to be learning stuff. :smiley: There is also a Facebook group for Novare parents that seems pretty active where you can get advice on things.

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