Examples of relationship-building dialogue

I’ve recently become enamored of the scientific video offerings of Destin Sandlin in his “smartereveryday” series on youtube. I’ve already made use of several of these in my science classes for their excellent content and videography as examples of an enthusiastically scientific approach to the world (from a more mechanical perspective, though he isn’t afraid to dabble around the edges of life-science questions too.) But another thing intrigued me --unlike any other science offerings around youtube (and there are many good ones!) he pops in such a brief and “innocent” scripture reference right at the end (not even the text of the verse --just the reference and only for a second or two.)

Apparently those little additions didn’t go unnoticed --you can imagine what some of the comments underneath probably say. So anyway, he was invited to be a speaker at a Skeptikon meeting, a forum that many Christians would probably consider a hostile environ. But Destin’s talk there (over an hour) is well worth listening to. I thought it not just commendable of him to speak there, but their reception (and even invitation in itself) also commendable. Looking at this makes so much internet argumentation from all sides feel petty.

I recommend his work without hesitation to any/all audiences.


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