Evolutionary Creationism

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And even YEC accept that evolution occurs, albeit “Micro” evolution, and the rapid de-volution of “Kinds” is indistinguishable* from mainstream evolution.

  • meaning that YEC have not successfully tested this hypothesis.

Still possible, but not at all practical. It means being totally at odds with observable data and the laws of physics. :wink:

By what definition of possible Dan? Not scientifically, not rationally. It’s only possible as an anti-scientific, non-rational folk belief.

@Bucky_Wood’s (hi!) belief in theistic evolution is in the spaces between science, between rationalism. My rationalism only allows science to be there. Which doesn’t deny faith at all. It requires it, as I want to believe. Not in divine intervention in divinely instantiated nature [ - apart from Jesus, and ineffably by the Spirit, of course]. But in divine, purposed transcendence.

I don’t suppose we should talk about it again, publicly, anyway, or the mods will delete our posts :grin:, but providentialist evolution is very rational, à la aborigines and cell phones. It just has to admit with some humility that God’s interventional ‘technology’ is beyond our reach.

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I have no warrant for admitting any such thing. Which doesn’t affect faith at all. [It does actually, it highlights the need for it, reinforces it.]

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