Evolution theory resources for people with some scientific background

I want to ask, what is best resource for people with science background, but not in biology. I have some knowledge of mathematics and physic, but I never was too interested in biological sciences, my soft spot is rather mathematical structures of Newtonian mechanics, but due to constant controversy about Christianity and it, I decide to learn more on reasonable high level.

This is motivated by two reasons. First, I really don’t like speak about things without sound knowledge, especially things like scientific theory. And studding things quantum mechanics and general relativity teach me to by very cautious about value of popular, non-expert presentations of scientific topics, since for the case of this two fields they can be terrible, horrible, no good and very bad. Second, personally I maybe can now just pass by evolution theory, just not my field, but since this often encounter tension on this line and even one person said “You are scientists, so you should have opinion about it.” (rather person with scientific background), I need to learn something more.

I think most people here from USA, so books written for American market can be for use many people here. But, I’m not American, not I’m living in USA, so I will appreciate if someone can point out good resources, that can have easier access internationally. I probably can buy this resources on anyway Amazon, but current situation isn’t to generous to my wallet. But I can’t complain, comparing to people that really suffer during this plague, my situation is excellent.

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Introduction to evolution - Wikipedia

An introduction to evolution (berkeley.edu)

Introduction to Human Evolution | The Smithsonian Institution’s Human Origins Program (si.edu)

Introduction to Evolution – Principles of Biology (pressbooks.pub)

For books you can’t beat Richard Dawkins, starting with The Selfish Gene.


Welcome, @KZiemian! You are exemplary in terms of humility. I, too, need to know far more.
May I ask what languages you speak? You are far better in English than I am in your language, I am sure. That may help me recommend some books in languages closer to yours.

Polski? . . .

I haven’t looked at it extensively, but Scitable looks like a good free online resource. Genetics might be something that would interest you:


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