Evolution and the origin of life

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finding molecules to explain the beginning of our creation through the lens of evolution is nothing new. We have all the elements ready on earth. A chemist should be able to reproduce simple elements. Does this mean, that we can explain the unbelievable number of reactions. The next argument will be time. We had a lot of time to form this molecules. Why did it stop to form, if time is essential to forming those. There must be millions and more molecules still forming, because we are the farest point away from the beginning of time. Remember Miller Urey experiment. But looking closely, one will find big discrepancies to explain the whole creation by just some molecules that are formed, if you bring the atoms close together, ensure the right environment and add some activation energy to it. As in the Miller Urey experiment there are a lot of molecules that are formed. For each molecule you will find left and right rotating molecules. Here is where the journey of questions over questions starts.
How did the nature accomplish to separate the right from the left rotating molecules to have just right rotating ones, that we need?
Where did they form? Warm pond theory of Darwin? Does this makes sense? Why dont we observe this anymore?
And even if they formed, what brought them together and to stick together? What made them to be an information template that made sense?
What led to event of being able to read the first matrix of RNA/DNA? Up to know, no explanation can solve the following steps. Even if we would have the RNA/DNA, that is crazy to imagine, how did the cell form and why should it form. Cells with no capabilities to divide. Forgot, this are just RNA/DNA with random configuartions. So there must have been a warm pond at the same place with the same conditions for a long period of time. This pond must have been very small, because the atoms must find each other.We havent talked about the other necessary organelles. The other organelles has to be formed. When did they form. How could a cell survive without division? When did the cell/bacterium start to divide and why? What about the split of nucleus and cytoplasm? Every step of cyto structure and function has to have a reason as to why it was formed and functioned in the it does? To simply say, we could form some molecules, that is trivial to do if you put the elements together, and conclude to be able to explain the creation, is the in an naive way of saying that, if we were to put the ingredients of a car in a melting pot and get an alloy that we find in cars, the car evolved by itself. The factory and the workers came later, we can not explain how, but they evolved over time.
We have difficulty in accepting the nature as a creation of god, because its working and everything has a reason. We observe the laws of nature and called it science. The law of nature are self sustainable, self driving with a regulating dynamic. We can either accept the laws of nature as random events with no basis in science that led to our existence with a purpose that everyone has to define for him/herself, or look deeper into science and understand that the laws of nature are gods laws, that he created to maintain a self sustaining environment as a sign of his beauty and mighty, with rules for nature and us as humans.
If you choose the first view, it would make no sense to believe in love, mercy, forgiveness, etc, as this would go against the rule of evolution, selection and the more egoistic I am, the better for me. I am leaving the aspect of happiness aside, otherwise we will not end.
If you choose to follow the essence of gods way (not the way of war and destruction, that is a way of view number one), you will find yourself following the path that brings peace in your and other hearts.
Heisenberg said once: “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”
― Werner Heisenberg


This is why I think BioLogos is the best of BOTH worlds! We have the science that shows the earth is older than 5000 years.

But we have the love and devotion to convince us that God is behind the authentic age Earth and the Cosmos…

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