Evolution and Functional Information

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So, one of my very bright students did some work looking at evolution and information. We just put the paper online:

This is somewhat of an “experiment” for our group. It is under peer review, but I am not sure if my colleagues will want to publish it. They might fear it gives credence to ID. So we will see what happens.

On our end, it was a fun study to do. I think it is good for teaching. Still, I’m curious how easy this is to understand for engaged non-experts, like those that appear on the forums. Can you all follow this? Do you want to see more work like this?

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And for the curious, there are some typos in this preprint that are being corrected in a revision. Fear not~!

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I read it and followed the argument fairly well, although it’s not my bailiwick. Perhaps BIO-complexity will publish it? Congrats to Mr. Matlock for a job well done!

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So the conversation has been lively on this paper at the Skeptical Zone. Perhaps some people want to join us there…


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