Evolution and Functional Information

So, one of my very bright students did some work looking at evolution and information. We just put the paper online:

This is somewhat of an “experiment” for our group. It is under peer review, but I am not sure if my colleagues will want to publish it. They might fear it gives credence to ID. So we will see what happens.

On our end, it was a fun study to do. I think it is good for teaching. Still, I’m curious how easy this is to understand for engaged non-experts, like those that appear on the forums. Can you all follow this? Do you want to see more work like this?


And for the curious, there are some typos in this preprint that are being corrected in a revision. Fear not~!

I read it and followed the argument fairly well, although it’s not my bailiwick. Perhaps BIO-complexity will publish it? Congrats to Mr. Matlock for a job well done!

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So the conversation has been lively on this paper at the Skeptical Zone. Perhaps some people want to join us there…


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