Evo-Devo (Despacito Biology Parody) by A Capella Science


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For those who don’t know, Evo Devo is short for Evolutionary Developmental Biology.

This Hilarious YouTube video is a song about Evo-Devo sung to the tune of “Despacito.”

(It’s by “A Capella Science” but it’s not sung a capella)


(Christy Hemphill) #2

@Kathryn_Applegate Don’t know if this fits anywhere for the high school resources, but it’s fun.

(Curtis Henderson) #3

A Capella Science has actually produced quite a few of these. My personal favorite is here :slight_smile:

(Brad Kramer) #4

This got passed out by @Kathryn_Applegate on our staff message board a couple of weeks ago. Great stuff! Super creative.


So it’s a cut above the rest?

(Curtis Henderson) #6

Hahahaha! Absolutely! I am not immune to puns.