Evidence for a real flood of Noah

Let’s begin by stating that for the record I don’t believe in a global flood, I believe in a regional flood which took place around the Shurrupak region sometime around 7000 years ago, the time when John Walton says the flood happened. Now according to population genetics there was a huge amount of violence around this time, due to warring between patrilineal clans:

I find this correlates very nicely with Genesis 6:11, which states that God sent the flood due to violence on the earth. I will ask, how did the Hebrews know this? The Mesopotamians did not attribute the flood to violence.

For the record I don’t think the flood occured exactly how the Bible says, only that the core is divinely inspired. I think that the story was indeed edited to include a global, rather than local flood.

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This is certainly very interesting. Thanks for the article. However, I do have some other questions. For example, males may also die off for other reasons. I realized that the use of males to fight is one, but males are also evolutionarily adaptive in that time for fighting against animals, and protecting the women and children. Perhaps they were also exposed more to climate change and temperatures while they were trying to protect them. This would stem from their body build. in addition, individuals with Y chromosomes have more susceptibilities to certain genetic problems, such as X chromosome linked myopathies, and possibly also viruses and plagues would be on the list, I would imagine. I would have to read more about that. at any rate, this is very interesting. Thanks a lot.

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