Event on Contemporary Jewish-Christian Relations

Contemporary Jewish-Christian Relations
What Are the Challenges and Opportunities?

A zoom lecture and Discussion from The National Library of Israel
Dr. Jesper Svartvik
Sunday January 23 at 1 pm EST

Centuries of anti-Jewish ideology and pogroms in Europe constitute the prehistory of the Shoah. Whereas traditional anti-Jewish Christian theology – what Jules Isaac called Christian teaching of contempt (l’enseignement du mépris) – should not be equated with the racial antisemitism that developed during the nineteenth century and climaxed during the Third Reich era, these two forms of anti-Judaism cannot be separated from one another.
After the end of the Second World War numerous Christian denominations and ecumenical organizations have embarked on self-critical endeavors that refine, redefine, revise, and refute previous teaching on the Jewish people and the Jewish tradition as part of a reconciliation process.

Join hundreds of Christian and Jewish believers and everyone else from all over the world for this free event

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