Et tu Tim Challies

I love Tim Challies. He is one of my favorite Christian bloggers. I’m saddened he allowed Crossway to requisition his enormously popular blog for its propaganda. Who knew that BioLogos “insist(s) that Christians must yield to an unassailable scientific consensus.” All along I viewed BioLogos as a site that argued that one can believe in theistic evolution and still be within the pale of orthodoxy. I didn’t know you guys had elevated theistic evolution to a cardinal doctrine! I missed that memo.


That’s disappointing. I can’t say I’m all that surprised, but I don’t care for the wording. It sounds like he’s bringing it down to an dichotomy of “which authority do you yield to?” without actually using the word “authority.”

If you’ve watched the video, it is clearly catering to the young earth creationist. This makes me wonder how many of the speakers for the video actually believe what they are trying to sell.


After typing and deleting three posts here over the course of the morning, I am again sending myself back to my little mental blackboard. "I will not make any snarky comments about Tim Challies’ blog. I will not make any snarky comments about Tim Challies’ blog. I will not make any snarky comments about Tim Challies’ blog…


Those aren’t his words - he’s not the author of that piece. It’s a promo blurb for the book.

Challies is a YEC, if I recall correctly. Not at all surprising that he would promote this.



As you know from our occasional conversations, Curtis, my bewilderment tends in the other direction…

How many of those who say they are not Young Earth Creationists when they arrive here … are not
misleading us? … or themselves?


What if what you posted were a statement of fact … and it just looks snarky?

I’d support you on that …

Thanks for pointing that out – I didn’t read it closely enough. But yes, he has mentioned before that he holds a YEC view.

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