Emerging mega-regions of the US and creationist pastors’ fears

I can’t figure out how to paste the Googled version of the megaregion map of the US here, but I live in a global part of Dallas located in the Texas Triangle, which isn’t quite the northeastern megalopolis between Boston and DC yet, but 16 million out of 26 million Texans live within it.

I had to see Abilene because it is two hours outside this triangle.

Do you live in one of the urbanized sections of a megaregion? I will bet this moderates how you perceive the science-religion relationship. Especially if your region is not within Dixie.

Interestingly, Texas is the convergence point of four megaregions.

I wonder what the fear of Abilene pastors to speak about science means, since they are far separated from the cosmopolitan cities,

I have appreciated your comments and it motivates me to do more interviews in city, country, and especially churches in small university towns

I’ve only been to Texas once–interviewed in Texas A&M in Bryan. I’m from rural West Michigan, where Fremont, the 4,000 person town, hosts a Gerber Baby Food Festival (yes, they have a baby food eating contest). Most of the Protestants are quite YEC. I think that the Catholic churches are more accepting. I wonder what your experience is with the Catholic and Orthodox churches? Maybe I’ll learn something from your experience!


I have found that Protestants resent top-down structures because they believe everyone can interpret the Bible for themselves.

The Popes seem to have “evolved” about science since Galileo and they are pretty chill now about Darwin. I don’t know about the Eastern Orthodox but antievolutionism seems to me to emerge from cultures dominated by Protestants of Western European ancestry and not Eastern Christians. But I do not know
Thanks for the story and the picture. I will remember your tale when I read your posts

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All Protestants are not Evangelicals.

Anti-evolution ism grew out of conservative Christianity which decided that the only way to protect their faith was to make the Bible Absolute. See Fundamentalism.


I think what you meant to say there was: “Not all Protestants are Evangelicals.”

…which is a technically less ambiguous claim than “All Protestants are not Evangelicals.”

Words. Grammar. Logic. Gotta love’em enough to care.

Very true. Biologos too is a reactionary venture that exists as a corrective to at least some of that!


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