Earth’s intricate climate system is changing: "Decoding the Weather Machine" is on Nova/PBS tonight

Disastrous hurricanes. Widespread droughts and wildfires. Withering heat. Extreme rainfall. It is hard not to conclude that something’s up with the weather, and many scientists agree. It’s the result of the weather machine itself—our climate—changing, becoming hotter and more erratic. In this 2-hour documentary, NOVA will cut through the confusion around climate change. Why do scientists overwhelmingly agree that our climate is changing, and that human activity is causing it?

Watch Decoding the Weather Machine
(a special two-hour presentation) tonight, April 18, on PBS/NOVA, or watch it online starting tomorrow. It will be free for a limited time.

Why did I post this? BioLogos has featured posts from Katharine Hayhoe, a Christian climate scientist, in the past. And she is one of the scientist contributing to this special. Here’s a short video profile – under 2 minutes!


So many documentaries, so little time…sigh. This one looks great, thanks for posting.

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I watched it last night, and thought it presented the topic well, though a little slow at times with all the rising water stuff. I enjoyed the presentation of CO2 levels and temperature. It does seem relevant to the discussion of what it means as a Christian to care for the earth and have dominion. While a discussion that can cross into politics rather quickly which we do not want to do, it would be interesting to hear thoughts on what it means from the standpoint of our Christian life.

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