Dreams And The Mind

I didnt know if i could put this in the scientific evidence section so yeah. Does anyone have an explanation of what dreams are? And why do we see sometimes such strange dreams? Thanks in advance. God bless

P.S By explanation i mean either your opinion or scientific evidence (preferably)

Interesting question. If you goggle it you can read of many ideas people think you dream, which usually means that no one really knows.
My dreams tend to be pretty random and with the usual nonsensical situations. It is interesting how I can awaken with good memory of a dream I had, yet after a few minutes find it hard to remember unless it was particularly vivid or disturbing. My thought is that is part of the brain purging the bits and pieces that build up, sort of purging the trash bin and defragging the hard drive. I do find that I dream of lost loved ones more when in grief, and have more stressful dreams when stressed.


I have crazy dreams and I don’t think they mean anything. It is the brain’s way of doing system maintenance. But I know people who believe that God has told them very significant things in dreams, and that happens in the Bible, so I guess that is a possibility. But I don’t spend a whole lot of time wondering if some weird dream I had was supposed to tell me something. I think if God wanted to speak to me through a dream, I’d recognize it as that.